Informasi Lengkap Buku Kesehatan

General Nursing-Midwifery Sciences

Ali Imron dan Taufiqurrachman
ISBN: 978-602-8570-22-0
170 Halaman
Ukuran Buku: 19 x 26

Graduates of professional nursing/midwifery academy or faculty
are expected to apply an extensive body of scientific and cultural
knowledge to help solve client problems. Many clients who
enter the health care system, especially those entering hospitals,
have serious illnesses that demand a wide array of increasingly
complex nursing/midwifery care and services. Ensuring a
midwife or nurse’s competence to meet this responsibility has
never been more important.

To enter the practice of professional nursing/midwifery, especially
for a nurse is required to pass the National Council Licensure
Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). To achieve this
level of preparation requires a well-planned study of nursing
basics and a keen understanding of test-taking strategies, with
particular awareness of what to expect in test questions on

General Nursing-Midwifery Sciences includes many
improvements and new material to keep it abreast of the ever-
evolving NCLEX test plan.

Chapter 1 The Integumentary System; Chapter 2 The Cardiovascular
System; Chapter 3 The Respiratory System; Chapter 4 Vascular System and Viscera and Lymphatic System; Chapter 5 The Digestive System; Chapter 6 The Musculoskeletal System; Chapter 7 The Sensory-Neurological System; Chapter 8 The Eye and Ear; Chapter 9 The Breast; Chapter 10 The Female Reproductive System; Chapter 11 The Male Reproductive System; Chapter 12 Conception; Chapter 13 Contractions; Chapter 14 Signs and Symptoms of Impending Labor; Chapter 15 The Mother to Be; Chapter 16 The Newborn and Infant; Chapter 17 Review of System (ROS); Chapter 18 The Admission System; Chapter 19 The Management Process in Midwifery; Chapter 20 The Physical Assessment for a Database; Chapter 21 The Common Questions in Physical Assessment; Chapter 22 The Common Expressions in Understanding Symptoms; Chapter 23 The Nursing Documentation; Chapter 24 The Intravenous Therapy; Chapter 25 The Tools; Chapter 26 The Vital Signs; Chapter 27 Airway-Breathing-Circulation; Chapter 28 Framework for Studying Disease Conditions


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